The Amber Gatherers

Released: January 2007
Label: Drag City
Cat: DC326
Format: LP/CD/MP3/FLAC

Track listing

  1. Riddle Me This
  2. Where Twines The Path
  3. Waxwing
  4. I Had a Kiss Of The King′s Hand
  5. The Cruel War
  6. Let Me Lie And Bleed Awhile
  7. Firewater (Library Of Aethers)
  8. River Rhine
  9. I Have A Charm
  10. The Old Men Of The Shells
  11. The Calfless Cow

Available to purchase and download from Drag City.

Recorded in Glasgow, summer 2006 by Dave Paterson and Pam Smith.

Played by Tom Crossley, Gareth Eggie, Gerard Love and Alasdair Roberts.

‘Let Me Lie and Bleed Awhile’ goes out to Niko-Matti Ahti.
‘The Cruel War’ is for Robin Robertson.
The melody of ‘The Old Men of the Shells’ is adapted from that of the traditional Irish song ‘The Verdant Braes of Screen’.