Thank you to all those people in Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki who came to see Joanna Newsom and her tremendous band, and chanced to see Mr Roberts opening up for her, with the partnership of Rafe Fitzpatrick on fiddle in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Alasdair and Rafe were playing older Roberts songs and songs from the forthcoming LP ‘Too Long In This Condition’ as well as premiering some new, as-yet-unrecorded compositions.

Alasdair was also recently joined by Stevie Jones and Elle Osborne for a gig at Brighton Festival. Now he is in Reykjavik, Iceland preparing for live collaboration with Benni Hemm Hem. Benni has written a suite of songs in Icelandic, translated them into English and scored them for guitar, voice, percussion and wind ensemble. Alasdair will sing the English lyrics and play some guitar and piano. There will be two shows of this material – one in Reykjavik (3rd June) and one in Akyureyri (5th June).

Mr Roberts will also do a solo gig at Rosenberg, Reykjavik on 6th June. A few years ago he wrote a song about Theodor Adorno and is currently working on a cartoon illustrating said narrative. During these travels, Alasdair has also been stealing time here and there to work on new songs, which are being earmarked for a future release of non-traditional material, just as soon as it’s figured out how and with whom best to present such material.

In order to learn about contemporary Iceland, Alasdair has bought a huge volume of English translations of the Icelandic sagas, with a glowing endorsement by the great Seamus Heaney on the front of it.

Love to you all, from the humblest minion to the cruellest oligarch.