Upcoming collaborations

Alasdair’s delighted to be doing a new collaboration with the great English melodeon player Andy Cutting at Bath International Music Festival on Friday 27th May, as part of the New Meetings series. The precise details of this unprecedented collaboration are, as yet, unknown, but might involve Andy deftly shedding new musical light on some of Alasdair’s self-written and traditional songs, Alasdair valiantly attempting to keep up with Andy’s gifted musicianship on a selection of his tunes and pieces, and perhaps some entirely new and unexpected things too.

Also in May, Alasdair will collaborate with the great Alex Neilson (an English drummer/percussionist living in Glasgow) and the mighty Ivor Kallin (a Glaswegian viola player/vocalist living in England) as part of Tectonics Festival at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow on Saturday 7th May. The name of this new grouping is Ane Unquietatioun.

On Friday 13th May, Alasdair will be at Birmingham Town Hall for the Imagined Isle event, along with Emily Portman & The Coracle Band, Rachel Newton and Katherine Priddy. Alasdair will perform solo and also as part of The Furrow Collective along with Emily Portman, Lucy Farrell and Rachel Newton.

In June, Alasdair will be collaborating for the first time with the American folk singer Frank Fairfield. They’ll play in Leeds on 9th June and Bristol on 10th June. This collaboration is an Opera North production.

Full details of all of the above live appearances and collaborations can be found on the Live page of this website.