Partial Song List

This is a partial list of songs written by Alasdair Roberts between 1994 and 2015.

Ice Age
Pissed With You
Second Perthshire House Song
Twelve of Them
Hay Bale Blues
Round Reel of Eight
Drinking Milk Again
Our Sea
East Coast Wedding
Many-Legged Boatmen
Frozen Blight
Wild I Lived in Flanders
Seagulls, Belts
Lassie, Lie Near Me
The Harp Key
The Grey Havens
Tangled Hair
The Scything
Little Owl
Row Upstream
Merchant City
Arcane Lore
The Language in Things
A Path To Our Beds
The Seven Widows (The Springs of Night)
The Groves of Lebanon
Year Waxing, Year Waning
Fortified Jackdaw Grove
The Night Is Advancing
Cyclone’s Vernal Retreat
(Bringing the Yearlings) Home
Hexen in the Anticyclone
Campfire’s Burning (Round)
Organise a March
Farewell Sorrow
Join Our Lusty Chorus
I Fell In Love
I Went Hunting
Down Where the Willow Wands Weep
When a Man’s in Love He Feels No Cold
Come, My Darling Polly
The Whole House Is Singing
I Walked Abroad in an Evil Hour
I Am A Young Man
Slowly Growing Old
Riddle Me This
Where Twines the Path
I Had a Kiss of the King’s Hand
The Cruel War
Let Me Lie and Bleed Awhile
River Rhine
I Have a Charm
The Old Men of the Shells
The Calfless Cow
The Flyting of Grief and Joy (Eternal Return
You Muses Assist
So Bored Was I (Dark Triad)
Unyoked Oxen Turn
The Book of Doves
Ned Ludd’s Rant (For a World Rebarbarised)
Hazel Forks
Under No Enchantment (But my Own)
The Merry Wake
The Year of the Burning
Fusion of Horizons
The Wheels of the World
The End of Breeding
Song Composed in December
Brother Seed
Scandal and Trance
The Laverock in the Blackthorn
The Way Unfavoured
Honour Song
The Problem of Freedom
Artless One
Hurricane Brown
The Final Diviner
In Dispraise of Hunger
The Mossy Shrine
This Uneven Thing
Roomful of Relics
Peacock Strut
If There is Any Light
The Evening is Growing Dim
Boy of Blazing Brow
Plaint of Lapwing
The Wronged Blacksmith