Estuary Songwriting Project

Alasdair is delighted to be involved in the upcoming Estuary Songwriting Project, organised by Leigh Folk Festival. The estuary in question is that of the River Thames; the project was conceived in tribute to the late Jack Forbes, a musician from Leigh-on-Sea, and also involves Hazel Askew, M.G Boulter, Lucy Farrell, Piers Haslam, Roshi Nasehi, Nick Pynn and Kate Waterfield.

Plaint of Lapwing

This summer, Clay Pipe Music will release a limited-edition vinyl-only collaborative LP by James Green and Alasdair Roberts entitled Plaint of Lapwing. All the songs were arranged by James Green and written by Alasdair Roberts (except where noted). The artwork was created by Frances Castle.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Peacock Strut
At the Mid Hour of Night
(Thomas Moore/Benjamin Britten)
If There is Any Light
The Evening is Growing Dim
The Left-Hand Man
(Timothy Neat)
Boy of Blazing Brow
Ballad of the Speaking Heart
(Hamish Henderson)
Plaint of Lapwing
The Wronged Blacksmith
(Violet Jacob)

Plaint of Lapwing artwork by Frances Castle

Upcoming collaborations

Alasdair’s delighted to be doing a new collaboration with the great English melodeon player Andy Cutting at Bath International Music Festival on Friday 27th May, as part of the New Meetings series. The precise details of this unprecedented collaboration are, as yet, unknown, but might involve Andy deftly shedding new musical light on some of Alasdair’s self-written and traditional songs, Alasdair valiantly attempting to keep up with Andy’s gifted musicianship on a selection of his tunes and pieces, and perhaps some entirely new and unexpected things too.

Also in May, Alasdair will collaborate with the great Alex Neilson (an English drummer/percussionist living in Glasgow) and the mighty Ivor Kallin (a Glaswegian viola player/vocalist living in England) as part of Tectonics Festival at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow on Saturday 7th May. The name of this new grouping is Ane Unquietatioun.

On Friday 13th May, Alasdair will be at Birmingham Town Hall for the Imagined Isle event, along with Emily Portman & The Coracle Band, Rachel Newton and Katherine Priddy. Alasdair will perform solo and also as part of The Furrow Collective along with Emily Portman, Lucy Farrell and Rachel Newton.

In June, Alasdair will be collaborating for the first time with the American folk singer Frank Fairfield. They’ll play in Leeds on 9th June and Bristol on 10th June. This collaboration is an Opera North production.

Full details of all of the above live appearances and collaborations can be found on the Live page of this website.

Missed Flights and Fist Fights

A reminder that the Missed Flights and Fist Fights limited-edition, vinyl-only 12″ release featuring Bill Lowman, Brad Gallagher and Alasdair Roberts is still available to order.

Recorded entirely to tape at Analogue Catalogue, County Down, Ireland in January 2015, it features eight tracks, is available in a run of 470 copies and is available for £12 (or €15 or $17US) plus postage and packaging.

It can be ordered by emailing missedflightsfistfights [at] googlemail [dot] com

March 2016 Concerts

Alasdair heads out for some live concerts in March. Ticket link for London gig here.

MARCH 2016
5th: HALIFAX Square Chapel Centre for the Arts
6th: BIRMINGHAM Kitchen Garden Cafe
7th: LONDON St Pancras Old Church
15th: NORWICH Bicycle Shop Cafe

Then from 17th-25th Alasdair is touring with the Furrow Collective, whose new single ‘Wild Hog In The Woods’/'Many’s the Night’s Rest’ will be released on 11th March. Please see the ‘Live’ page of this website for full details of forthcoming concerts.

Recent News

In January 2016 Alasdair went with fellow musicians Stevie Jones and Alex Neilson to Analogue Catalogue recording studio in County Down, Ireland (where he went in January 2015 to record the self-released Missed Flights and Fist Fights vinyl record with Bill Lowman and Brad Gallagher) to begin work on a new album of self-written songs.

Alasdair enjoyed a two-day residency at Cafe Oto in Dalston, London in February, at which he invited several other artists to perform – experimental vocalist Elaine Mitchener, electronic composer Ross Whyte, improvising trio Barrel and Scottish early music ensemble Concerto Caledonia – as well as singing and playing a little himself, accompanied on one evening by Alex Neilson and Ivor Kallin.

In the first half of March 2016 Alasdair heads to England for some solo performances – in Halifax, Birmingham, London and Norwich. In the second half of March 2016, Alasdair is touring in England and Scotland as part of The Furrow Collective along with Emily Portman, Lucy Farrell and Rachel Newton. Please visit the Live page of this website for further information.

More live dates for the remainder of 2016 will be announced in due course.

European Tour Thanks

Profoundest thanks to all who took part in Alasdair’s solo European tour – all of the promoters, listeners, facilitators of every kind, etc, etc – everybody from Geneva to Leuven via Ghent, Middelburg, Utrecht, Berlin, Aachen, Saarbruecken, Schorndorf, Freiburg, Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb, Munich and Leiden.

Joanna Newsom Tour

Alasdair has some concerts in Europe with his Drag City label mate Joanna Newsom coming up. Please check the Live page of this website for more details.

Missed Flights and Fist Fights

The most recent release to feature Alasdair Roberts is now available to order through this website. Missed Flights and Fist Fights (MFAFF001) features the fruits of a collaboration with two Chicago-based musicians Brad Gallagher and Bill Lowman (both originally from Oklahoma). The record, issued on 12” vinyl only, is available in a limited run of 470 copies. It was recorded at Analogue Catalogue, County Down and features eight tracks in total.

To order a copy for £12 plus £3 UK postage and packaging (a total of £15), or for any enquiries regarding orders, please email:

missedflightsfistfights [at] gmail [dot] com

with ‘Missed Flights Order’ in the title line. Payments can be made by cheque or via Paypal.

Missed Flights and Fist Fights will also available at selected independent record retailers (Rough Trade West in London, Monorail Music in Glasgow and Coda Music in Edinburgh).

Missed Flights and Fist Fights

The self-released 12″ vinyl EP by Brad Gallagher, Bill Lowman and Alasdair Roberts, entitled ‘Missed Flights and Fist Fights’, will soon be available through this website. Recorded by Julie McLarnon at Analogue Catalogue, Co Down, Ireland in January this year, it features eight tracks in total, one of which is available for preview here. Please check back on this site shortly for an update on how to purchase a copy.