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Prince Youlou Mabiala: ‘L’age d’or de la musique congolaise’, Vol. 4 (Glenn, 2008)


Well, when in Paris, came across a CD shop owned by a fellow from Togo who had been a record producer there in the seventies. Got some enjoyable discs in the Bolibana Collection series, including Ousmane Sacko et Yakare Diabate ‘La Tradition des Griots.’


Now Playing: ‘Frozen Brass: Asia. Anthology of Brass Band Music #1′ (Pan Records)
‘Frozen Brass: Africa & Latin America. Anthology of Brass Band Music #2′ (Pan Records)
‘Am Alten Silveschter in Urnaesch’ – Swiss Meditative Yodelling from Appenzell (CSR Records)

Many thanks to Christoph Wagner for these.


‘Life of Brine – Sea Shanties and Forebitters’ by The Roaring Forties, Sydney, Australia’s foremost shanty group.

New, updated Alasdair Roberts website on the way.

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Charles Lembe. A gift from the great Sawa blues singer Muntu Valdo of Cameroon.