The Rye Bears A Poison

Released: October 1997
Label: Drag City
Cat: DC126
Format: CD/LP

Track listing

  1. Our Sea
  2. Brazil
  3. East Coast Wedding
  4. Many-Legged Boatmen
  5. Frozen Blight
  6. Wild I Lived In Flanders
  7. Seagulls, Belts
  8. Lassie, Lie Near Me
  9. The Harp Key
  10. Autumn

Recorded January 1997 at Riverside, Glasgow, by Johnny Cameron. Featuring: Louise Dowding (‘cello, keyboard, vocals, etc), Dave Elcock (bass guitar, fiddle, vocals, etc), Eva Peck (drums, vocals, etc) and Alasdair Roberts (guitar, keyboard, vocals, etc). All songs by Ali Roberts except for ‘Lassie, Lie Near Me’, which is by Ali Roberts and Eva Peck.