The Night Is Advancing

Released: March 2001
Label: Drag City
Cat: DC189
Format: CD/LP

Track listing

  1. A Path to Our Beds
  2. The Seven Widows (The Sprigs of Night)
  3. The Groves of Lebanon
  4. Golden Tablets Of The Sun
  5. Year Waxing, Year Waning
  6. Fortified Jackdaw Grove
  7. The Night Is Advancing
  8. Cyclone's Vernal Retreat
  9. (Bringing The Yearlings) Home
  10. Hexen In The Anticyclone
  11. Campfire's Burning (Round)
  12. Organise A March

Recorded at Ca Va, Glasgow in September 2000 by Geoff Allan and Robin Rankin. Produced by Rian Murphy and Sean O’Hagan. Featuring: Tom Crossley, Gareth Eggie, David Elcock, Mark Harvey, Rikke Iversholt, Donald Lindsay, Sheryl Norquay, Ali Roberts and Annabel Wright.