No Earthly Man

Released: March 2005
Label: Drag City
Cat: DC283
Format: LP/CD/MP3/FLAC

Track listing

  1. Lord Ronald
  2. Molly Bawn
  3. The Cruel Mother
  4. On The Banks Of Red Roses
  5. The Two Brothers
  6. Admiral Cole
  7. Sweet William
  8. A Lyke Wake Dirge

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Recorded August 2004 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland by Jim Version and mixed October 2004 in Kentucky, USA by Paul Oldham. Produced by Will Oldham. Players: Isobel Campbell, Tom Crossley, Gareth Eggie, Phil Johnson, John McCusker, Alex Neilson, Paul Oldham, Will Oldham, Alasdair Roberts, plus chorus. All songs trad/arr Roberts.

Lord Ronald is adapted from the misremembered singing of Donald Lindsay of Kirkintilloch. Molly Bawn is from the singing of Packie Manus Byrne of Donegal. The Cruel Mother is a composite of several versions of the song. On The Banks Of Red Roses is from the singing of Ella Ward of Edinburgh. The Two Brothers is from the singing of Sheila Stewart and also her mother Belle Stewart of Blairgowrie, Perthshire. Admiral Cole is from a version by Graham Pirt and Alistair Anderson. Sweet William is from the singing of Fred Jordan of Shropshire. A Lyke Wake Dirge is from the singing of Peter Bellamy, Heather Wood and Royston Wood.

Artwork by Hanneline Visnes.