What News

On 23rd March 2018 Drag City Records will release What News, a new album by Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse and David McGuinness. A collection of eight traditional Scots ballads arranged for piano, voice and electronics, it was recorded by Neil McDermott in Glasgow and mastered by Calum Malcolm in Edinburgh.

The What News album launch will take place at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow on Tuesday 27th March. Cucina Povera will perform an opening set.

Here are some kind words about What News from the great English folk singer Shirley Collins:

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been so excited and enthralled by an album, an immediate response to those first beautiful, brave and brilliant opening notes of ‘The Dun Broon Bride’. There is an urgency to Alasdair Roberts’ commanding performances – a need for the story to be told – that underlines each of his interpretations of the ballads.
He has never sung better nor more fearlessly, yet with such subtlety, gravity and beauty.

The arrangements written and played by keyboard genius David McGuinness and Amble Skuse work perfectly with the ballads – uncompromising, spirited, thrilling, tender and heart-breaking. Audacious, too. Their pride and confidence in their Scots ballad tradition is clear in every note. The quality and brilliance of the sound is like stars bursting in your bloodstream!

What News is a triumph – a masterpiece; a powerful and intriguing album that demands and holds your attention. Album of the Year? Album of the Decade, I’d say.